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Rag Rug with Multi Color Design

Rag Rug with Multi Color Design

The rich texture of rag rugs tugs to your heart. They are really fantastic. To add some colors that are crazily blended together you have no other idea that is better than getting a rag rug for your living room.  They are big or small but in every size they are adorable piece of fabric blend that you cannot resist admiring it.

Rag rugs come in many different designs and structures. Do you like the one with lush thick pile? It feels good under the feet, not to mention its aesthetic appeal. The more you choose the scraps from soft and light texture fabric the better is the feel of your rug.

It is not only your living room where you need to spread your rag rug. You can use it as a colorful innovative addition on your chair inside or outside your home. It makes your sitting more comfortable as you can spread it under your arm and if you cuddle on the chair, keep it under your feet to save them from getting cold or numb. And when you are not on the chair your little rug keeps your place well decorated!

Are they washable? This question rises in the mind of every homemaker conscious about the hygiene of the home environment. Yes, you are lucky to know that every rag rug is washable. So, buy a collection of different size and color shade rug rags for your home and enjoy the unique aesthetic appeal in your interior.