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girls bedroom

girls bedroom

There are a lot of research on girls bedroom ideas, but what have emerged as the most popular options have been listed in this article.

Girls bedroom ideas can specifically be divided into 2 categories. One is based on the themes and the other is based on the color. Let us take a look at both of them.

Ideas based on a theme.

Themes have been practiced for a long time in bedrooms. They should be attractive and elegant and at the same time make your daughter happy. The most common of all themes, especially for girls aged 4 to 8, is the princess theme. Be it the highly elegant Disney princess or any other fairy tale princess, this theme is a sure shot way to make your daughter happy.

You can have different kinds of wall colors or wallpapers based on these themes. You can even have furniture according to the princess theme you have chosen.

Another very popular theme is a pop singer or star theme. This works best for slightly older girls. For this theme the taste of your daughter should be taken into consideration. The Hannah Montana theme is very popular and often chosen.

Another theme is to have a movie or a television show. Choose your daughters favorite show and add it as a theme.

Ideas based on colors.

The most common and sought after color is pink! Girls simply love anything in pink and that is the reason it is the most popular color. Choose a color which your girl likes the most and decorate her room accordingly.