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Teal Rugs Matching Color Ideas

Teal Rugs Matching Color Ideas

Color craving in home decorating can bring the most beautiful interiors if you some insight of how to create harmony between them. There are no hard and fast rules with the colors. Nature has created countless color shades of every primary color. Teal rugs are a colorful option in floor coverings and you can make it a splendid idea in your living room with some tinge of yellow or light grey. Sofas, drapers, curtains, valances, upholstery, lamp-shades and cushions in the living room bring you the chance of going creative with colors.

Blending the colors together is an art.   You can have your teal rug with many different colors in stripes or shapes. With this type of rug you have the option of matching the other things in the living room with any of the shades in stripes. Contrasting with complimenting colors makes your rug look brighter and more prominent. But if you have dark teal, go for lighter shades for the contrast but contrasting with dark shades like orange and red is also possible if you have the option to add them in little amount. Do not repeat them more or make them overpowering.

White and light pink look cool and adorable with teal rugs if you are going to add them in big amount or repeat them. The structure of your teal rug is also important. Thick pile woolen rugs look soft and warm. Creating warmth through fabric upholstered sofa or tufted sofa with additional cushions makes your room overall cozy. So, choose your rug and team its blue hues with the environment artistically.