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Adorable Window Curtain for Happy Home

Adorable Window Curtain for Happy Home Environment

Your room looks uncomfortably dark and dull. You need to replace the window curtain that is now hanging with a new colorful and accentuated window curtain. You are going to experience a great fresh and pleasant change on your way of thinking and behaving after that.

As the light falls on the windows from outside and falls on the curtains, the color and design of the curtains get maximized. The hues of color are reflected in the interior and the whole room comes to life.

You need to keep the wall paints of your room in consideration when you come to choose the curtains. Keep there some combination or contrast for greater visual appeal. The fabric is also of great importance. If you want to create some high class effects, choose heavy satin curtains in floral designs. You can add lace also with the curtains and frilled valances in bold catchy colors.

Curtains with borders have a nice beautiful look that attracts attention. You can see the bordered curtains in the image below and think of one for your room. Simple straight one color curtains are also a good choice but they are for a series home environment where you do not want much activity and buzz.

You can have summer curtains and winter curtains in your room. For summer chose light fabric in adorable shades and floral prints. For winter go for heavy fabric that averts the cold from entering the room and make the room warm with rich dark colors.