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Vanity Desk Organizing Ideas

Vanity Desk Organizing Ideas

A vanity desk in your bedroom is a chic item that you van warm up with your persona style and choice. Keep it tidy and well-arranged so that it presentable and eye-soothing. The makeup accessories are so many and many of them are tiny little containers, brushes and bottles. It becomes difficult to arrange them in a stylish manner. But you have the option of containers and display dishes that can hold all your little world of makeup.

Practicality of your vanity desk depends mainly on its mirror. The more the mirror is reflecting your face fully, the better it is to apply make and do your hair.  Invest in a threefold mirror and it can help you have a full look at you while getting ready.

Your beautiful and precious belongings need to be displayed in a presentable manner. Perfumes, bottles if lotion and hair-spray must be displayed in a spice rack or a Lucite tray! The way you display and organize your valuables shows your taste and way of thinking. Use empty votive holders for your makeup brushes. They look pretty.

Keep a few things higher than the rest on the surface of your vanity desk; especially those that you frequently pick while applying makeup. You can manage this by placing an empty hard-paper box on the desk. Spray paint all the containers and box placed on the surface. This makes the whole collection of things beautiful.

Your bobby pins and other little tools get; lost in the crowded drawers. Stick a magnetic stick on one of the walls of your drawer and keep them all stuck to the strip.