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Designer Crochet Curtains

Designer Crochet Curtains

Crochet is a process of making a fabric by interlocking loops of yarn or thread using crochet hook. And this process is used to make the French styled crochet curtains. Crochet curtains are not as much old fashioned but in fact they are new and unique idea. Crochet curtains can be a good fashion statement for household. Crochet curtains are made using yarn and crochet hooks. These can be made at home with some amount of skills however there are many different types of crochet curtains available to make your windows look stylish.

Some varieties of Crochet Curtains

As earlier mentioned, you can make your own crochet curtains or can choose your stylish designs and shop for it and hence, here are some crochet curtain patterns which are simple yet elegant and which can be made at home or can be bought as well. First in our list is Openwork Crochet Curtain Pattern which has a openwork lace stitch and knitting. This type can suit great in your kitchen windows. Next in the list is Daisy Crochet valance Pattern which is usually a half curtain covers part of the window yet looks stylish on the window. Then in the list we have Cotton blocks curtain which are made from cotton fabric and the graphical square designs on the curtains looks uniform with the window and gives another unique look to the viewer and provides great ambiance in the room. Next Pattern is just as simple as its name that is easy crochet curtains. In this pattern the knitting of crochet is made simplistic with transparent net designs. This is a good design to prepare at home.

Next Pattern of crochet curtain is Plan Crochet curtains which is a good design for kitchen especially because it is made of recycled plastic and the detailing in its design looks very good on the kitchen windows. Another option in this list is the crochet chains curtains which has simple and elegant style. It is hand knitted and stitched chains floating loose on the window looks great.

Next comes the Filet crochet valance which is another half curtain style with detailed designed made on the fabric using crochet. This half sized curtain leaves an impression mark and the styling speaks for itself. We have been talking about this entire modern design pattern but next up is a vintage crochet cafe curtains. As the name suggests, this curtain is inspired from old time’s cafe curtains which used to be made from cotton with hand and simple yet so effective and useful and that’s what makes this curtain pattern to stand out. Next in our list is a very unique felt balls crochet curtain which have a basic crochet knitting on top but hanging yarn thread and woolen balls stitched on to the threads makes it looks different.

So, this is all about different crochet curtains which are available in various patterns which can be highly stylish and simple as well to make it ready at home. This French styling piece of decor is a classic creation for every window.