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The Heart and Soul of the House: The
Living Room Ideas

The Heart and Soul of the House: The Living Room Ideas

Considered the heart and soul of the house, the living room is a place where you spend most of your time. Whether it is a matter of attending guests or chit chatting with friends and relatives, living room always handle many things. So, it deserves the best design and the most prompt living room ideas.

Tagged with the name of the most used places, the living room serves many designing ideas and styles.Whether you have big place or a small place, it does not matter, in respect of the living room, as you can decorate it the same way, but with a few changes. Small living rooms have its own designing ideas.

Make your home a beautiful place by checking these living room ideas:

Color combination in living room:

The color can enhance the beauty of a normal thing. In the living room, there is no restriction of using any color. In a small living room, use different shades on different walls, to make it look bigger.

On one wall, with green paint, you can bring natural feelings, on the other; disclose a romantic atmosphere by painting red shade. Use light colors for a cool look.

The Designer wall:

Painting is not only a one option, you can also make living room wall designer by doing some creative work. On the walls you can post your family photo fames or sceneries. If you want to make your living room look clean or not so messy, keep its walls simple, one photo frame is enough for that.

Incredible furniture:

Choose the furniture that matches with the paint of the living room ideas. If you desire to paint solid blue color, the sofa should be of solid color, this is a perfect contrast. The table and chairs that you are going to place, should be in the good contrast.

The warm curtains:

Now days, curtains have become a fashion to cover the widows. Except this,the living room curtains give a warm and sophisticated look. You can change these from time to time or according to the seasons. In the spring or summer, floral print curtains stand in the fashion, and in the winter dark prints are demanded. Color of curtains should match the sofa color.

Apart from curtains, you can also decorate your living room by stylish window valances.

Beautiful and stylish floor:

The simple floor demands carpet, rugs or even designer tiles. Now, cemented floor has become out dated, so you need to put some extra spice on it to give your living room a complete look.

With white color walls and light blue color sofas, use a beige color rug. White rug suits to very living room, irrespective of its design.


Living room design idea do not complete with these fixtures, include some accessories like vase, flower plants, some show pieces, etc.