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Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain

Time for some refurbishing of your bathroom! The first to start with is your shower curtain. This little piece of fabric has the power to transform your bathroom into a place where you feel fresh and good. And the designs and styles that you can find in the market are so fabulous that going pleasant with your shower area can be a breeze. But, wait! You are forgetting one thing. While you make your selection of the best and most gorgeous shower curtain think for a little while the color theme of your bathroom and the space that you have for a curtain. Find a curtain that is exactly the size of the space available.

For a white wall paint bathroom, go for white surface fabric with sea shells and star fish. If there is some elegant floral decoration in your bathroom choose red floral fabric against white surface. This can be a hint how to choose the color and design of your curtains.

Curtain valances should be resistant to rust as the humid air of the bathroom affect the metal directly and the rod and rings rust fast. You can get a wood rod or aluminum rood would be perfect. The more your bathroom is added with neat and well-arranged furniture and great decoration the more you have the option of accentuating your curtains with beautiful details in the form of valances. Adding little jingle bells with curtains is another lovely idea to add personality to your shower curtain!