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Beauty of bubble lights

Beauty of bubble lights

One of the best decorative lightning devices is bubble light. It is flied with a liquid vial, which is when get heated gets lighted. Liquid has low boiling point and thus the bubbles are formed when the heat is generated and because of the liquid’s reaction to the heat and then it is called bubble light. Methyl chloride is the material that is used in the light. These bubble lights are mostly famous around the Christmas time but now are not in use like they were used to be in early 90’s.

As everything is evolving, bubble lights are not any different. Now special effects are being added in the bubble lights like glitter is being added now for the more sparkling effect. Other than Christmas these bubble lights are in huge demand around the time of Halloween.

Orange is the color for the Halloween. And then also the head is made in the shape of wild cat or the witch, which are all time famous symbols of Halloween. Bubble lights can be manufactured in any color and the plastic that is being used in the bubble lights is mostly opaque but not completely opaque and the color of the plastic can be red, green, blue or yellow.

Now with the time, many changes have been introduced like permanent bubbles are now being produced in the bubble lights. LEDs are now used which can continuously change color. These traditional bubble lights make the festive season more amazing with beautiful, colorful, sparkling lights.