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Decorate your home with rococo furniture

Decorate your home with rococo furniture

What makes a house a home is the kind of furniture that is used to decorate the house. In this modern world, the options that one has when it comes to interior decor are way too many. One can pick a classic style if they want a simple, minimalist look or go for contemporary furniture if they want to add certain elegance to their home.

Rococo furniture has its name taken from the French rocaille which basically represents the rock and shell motifs that form a part of the design. Rococo was a style developed by craftspeople and designers rather than architects and this is also one of the reasons why rococo furniture has a lot of hand-worked design in them. Rococo designs are not very symmetrical. This basically means that one half of the design, more often than not, does not match the other half of the design. Rococo furniture is also known for the curves that it has, mostly in the shapes of S and C. Rococo was one of the key sources for the French style and was quite famous in the 1970s. The importance given to the shell-like curves focuses on the decorative arts and leaves a nice, frivolous impact in the house.

For someone who has an artistic side and for someone who believes in giving their home character, investing in rococo furniture would be the perfect way to go. Even metal work and porcelain figurines are a part of the rococo style and can add a nice touch to one’s home.