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Facts about a christmas story leg lamp

Image Unavailable. Image not available for. Color: A Christmas Story 20  inch Leg Lamp

A Leg Lamp basically originates from A Christmas Story. It is considered to be one of those props of the movie that is the most recognizable as well as iconic of all the times. There have been made a number of replicas of this lamp and have been given a lot of major awards and prizes for the fans all …

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Tips for Creating a Perfect Hallway Lighting

best hallway lighting ideas BTTLJOJ

Whey you enter your sweet home, the first thing you see is the hallway. If it’s lighted and designed properly, you’ll feel it from the very beginning. The atmosphere will be elevated and cozy. You’ll feel at home. The first option for creating a perfect home feeling is the perfect hallway lighting. Traditional style In order to make the style elegant …

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How antique chandeliers revolutionize house lighting

antique chandeliers nordic retro bar lighting coffeeshop fashion shop lights vintage chandelier HKJIADY

For any home lighting remains to be an important feature, lights provides illumination to our houses. We all know that for a brighter look light is important, thus use of antique chandeliers for lighting also improve the interior of your house while providing lighting. The living room should have a good ambience making it more comfortable to relax. For a …

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Task Lighting with Proper Contrast Makes Your Tasks easy

tips for getting your task lighting right PDDOLKP

A number of things we do that are intricate and need full view of each and every detail of the objects in our hands or those spread on the table. This is not possible but only with excellent task lighting. Table lamps with different sorts of designs and bulb power options are available in market; and you would be glad …

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Pendant Light Shades for Increased Decor of Your Interior

pendant light shades retro lamp shades industry metal pendant lamps holder vintage style iron EBTPGQN

Once when electric bulbs were first introduced, shades were meant to protect the bulb from hits and scratches. This was the main purpose but there meant to be other benefits, too like focusing light on a specific area and saving it from stranding to larger areas where it was not needed. Mostly, the shades are fixed on pendant lights in …

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Kitchen Pendant Lighting for Added Illumination

kitchen pendant lighting pendants CPXEJNN

Lights in the kitchen are of core importance. Without proper and adequate illumination you cannot see the minute details of the food you prepare and commit many mistakes. Modern kitchens are specifically provided with kitchen pendant lighting. Many different designs and styles are available in the light and fixture stores. You can choose very stylish and decorative lights for your …

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Plug in Chandelier for Exclusive Home Decor

plug in chandelier leila 11 WMBOCMB

Not every house has hard wiring in the ceiling. Old lofts, vintage houses and many more country homes are not provided with installed wiring in the ceiling. Does that mean that you cannot hang a chandelier? Home décor is incomplete without a cute chandelier in the middle of ceiling. You can have your dream chandelier in your house without spending …

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Living Room Lamps Spreading Light and Inspiration

living room lamps better homes u0026 gardens 70u201d victorian floor lamp with etched glass OINAQTK

Those elegant illuminating bodies are lovely. They give light in beautiful formations of lines and hues of golden grace. Some are short and can be placed on a table only while others are big and are suitably placed on the floor. No matter where you put living room lamps, they brighten up the whole environment in a cool manner. When …

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Choosing Lamp Shade for a Soothing Bedroom Mood

lamp shade twisted lasercut wooden lampshade no.1 LSOSPTM

Since the bedroom doesn’t require more ambient light as the living room or kitchen, a lamp with a lamp shade and a dimmer helps create a soothing and relaxing cool light. The shade does not only account for creating a perfect mood for relaxation but also forms an essential part of your interior bedroom décor. Here are a few tips …

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