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Home design ideas: pineapple style
table  lamps

Home design ideas: pineapple style table  lamps

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home interior designing. The lighting used in a home can improve the looks and feel of it. Different types of lamps are available in the market nowadays which offers the potential of customisation of our homes. Lamps are available in a variety of designs, sizes and functionalities ranging from economic to luxurious prices.

Different innovations are also seen in the field of lighting in the recent times. One such innovation is the “Pineapple lamp”. They are usually used as table lamps. They became an instant hit when a large number of people became obsessed with them.

Pineapple lamps are available in the market and in online markets in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some of the famous varieties are Italian mid-century ceramic pineapple figure lamp, Hollywood regency brass pineapple lamp, safavieh pineapple table lamps, Large brass and black pineapple table lamp and The mid century pottery pineapple table lamp. They look so good on a reading table or a bedside table. Pineapple lamps can also be made at home by using household materials by following various DIY articles and videos on the internet. The creativity of the mind can be used to create new designs.

Pineapple lamps usually come in soft themes and they look colourful. The lamps used are mostly LED lights which have a long lifetime and they also use very less power. Children will love this kind of lamps in their study tables and they can also be used as night lamps. So, buy a pineapple lamp for your home asap!