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Beauty of hanging lamps for ceiling in
  living room

Beauty of hanging lamps for ceiling in living room

The hanging lamps are also called the pendant lamps. Drop and suspender are the names which are also given to these holding lamps. These hanging lamps are the lamps which are fixed on the ceiling of the house and then are hung up in the air. The main advantage of using these lamps is that it beautifies the house. The light is spread in all the areas. The hanging lamp is hanging on the ceiling with the help of chains and metal rods. These are also used in the kitchen countertops. There are a huge variety of the sizes in which these pendant lamps are available in.

The material also has a big variety when it comes for hanging lamps. It can be metallic. Hanging lamps are also available by the glass, plastic and sometimes even concrete. The best advantage of using these hanging lamps is that these are energy saving and low voltage is required for lightening of these lamps.

Fluorescent bulbs are used in these lamps and halogens are also used sometimes. When the length of cord is large, then they are called chandelier. These are mostly used in the billiards room and in the houses with large height of the roof.

Hanging lamps should mostly be placed at about 72 inches above from the ground and should be in such a way that man can see it unobstructed. It should mostly be placed in the center part of the ceiling. A hanging lamp can comprise of more than one bulb.