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Modern and stylish diy chandelier ideas

Modern and stylish diy chandelier ideas

Chandeliers are a great way to spark up your living area. But installing chandeliers can be a bit pricey and expensive. No doubt they brighten up the area where they installed, but they are a little high in cost. But the chandeliers can be made easily at home called as the DIY Chandeliers. There are many ideas that you can take up to make your very own chandeliers. They add a creative look to your interior décor and enhance the beauty of your living room.

Spoon Lamps

The spoon lamps can be effortlessly made at home. Using a plastic utensil and collecting some spoon heads you can make the spoon lamps. Cover up the plastic utensils with spoon heads and place a bulb in between. When lit they would give an enchanting look.

Cupcake Lantern

Cupcake papers are used to make cupcake lanterns. By pasting cupcake papers on a lamp, you adore the look of the lamp. It will give a contemporary look to your lamp.

Plastic Bottle Chandeliers

You can cut the end of plastic bottles to make your innovative DIY chandelier. The end of cold drink bottles is shaped like a flower so you can make a flower chandelier using the end parts of the plastic bottle.

Wood veneer Light

Wood veneer light uses the lightweight wood material that can be bent over easily. Bending over several pieces of the wood you can make a globe-like structure that would make a rounded pendant light.