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With corner curtain rod you won’t miss
decorating the corners too

With corner curtain rod you won’t miss decorating the corners too

When it involves home decorating, curtain rods are even as vital of an element because the curtain cloth. Curtain rods are accessible in several modern, elegant and sleek styles and colors with ornamental designs and knobs which will be matched to enhance any variety of pieces of furniture and interior decoration. The most versatile is the corner curtain rod.

The first issue to try and do, and therefore the most crucial, once it involves hanging curtains or creating rods, is to form sure you create correct measurements. You ought to live the dimension of the windows, permitting many further inches on either facet. Curtain rods is made of several materials, as well as PVC, steel, Al or wood. You’ll be able to obtain varied ornaments and ornamental knobs to place at the ends of the rod. You’ll be able to get these at native hardware stores, or the massive box stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

Whether you’re deciding to form your new curtain rods as a homemade project, or choose from the assorted designs accessible on the market, it’s vital to grasp which kind of curtain rod you ought to suit your interior decoration.

  1. Referred to as restaurant rods, is used with or while not rings. These are typically used for hand-drawn curtains or tie-tab curtains, and are accessible in many totally different finishes.
  2. Corner curtain rod is primarily used for corner and bay windows since the corner connectors create these appropriate for this sort of window.
  3. Sash rods are typically used for stretched curtains on doors and to permit the curtains to hold nearer to the glass surface. They attach at each prime and bottom.
  4. Slender curtain rods are typically used wherever the curtain cloth is incredibly sheer. Selecting a rod that is obvious or semitransparent may be a smart plan for these.

First and foremost, decide whether or not you wish to mount the curtain rod on the framing or the wall. On thought here is that always frames are made of oak or alternative high-quality woods, and you’ll not need to drill into them. Plaster or gypsum board walls are terribly simple to patch if you alter interior decoration later. to work out the correct positioning hindrance the rod to the wall employing a long carpenters level over the rod to form certain you’ve got the rod level. (Very a lot of a two-person task!) Additionally mark the location of the brackets on the wall or frame with a pencil. Once doing this, you’ll need to own the curtains mounted on the rod, if there’s any question concerning however they’re going to look, or their hanging length.