Sunday , 14 April 2024


Sliding door curtains are the most popular and the most appreciated as they not only allow us to save space, but also look more sophisticated, stylish and elegant. Being their big size, they don’t offer much privacy in personal and therefore hanging curtains is the only option to deal with the big glass window problem.

A simple and uniform look can be maintained by hanging a thin metallic rod close to the ceiling of the room. Not just the sliding glass door ,but the entire wall can be covered by the long curtains If one, value their privacy, sliding curtains are needed no matter you have huge or small sliding glass around.  Unlike bedrooms, kitchens don’t need heavy curtains. All the lights are not needed to be blocked up. In fact, it proves to be better if they don’t when kitchen area is concerned.

Sliding Door curtains should be well matched with the color of the walls while selecting the one for the area. Beside this one can also match up the hardware and fixtures as well as other accent details.Curtain fittings can be hidden by using the valance.  A wooden valance  can be used for the purpose and to make a match also with the window frames as well as window sills. This work gives the more rustic setting to the room.

A seamlessly bend curtain often proves to be an ideal one. So, it should be matched with the color palette of the room or with the sliding door frame. This will provide the curtain a must require natural accessory look.