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Here are simple home decor ideas for  living room

Here are simple home decor ideas for  living room

Starting small: Sometimes when it comes to home décor, it’s better to play it safe. Using small ornaments and decorations means that you won’t change your room too drastically and also that you will definitely have space for whatever you’re buying. It can be tricky if you come home with a wall trellis and it is a few centimeters too big.

Vases: A vase is a small piece of pottery or glassware used to hold flowers, and it can be any shape or size. The glass or pottery can be decorated in a variety of different ways, from patterns and colors in the glass to pictures and images on it, which means it can either compliment the style of your room or stand out. A vase is home décor that can be put anywhere at all, for example on a mantelpiece or windowsill, and so you can use a part of your room that doesn’t see a lot of action.


Photographs or paintings are can be propped up on mantelpieces, windowsills or dressers, or they can be hung upon the wall using fixtures which is an efficient way of using the space available. You can take a few photos yourself, saving time and money, or you can try and find a painting that fits your room. As well as the picture, you might want to think about a frame. If a classic wooden frame isn’t what you are looking for, perhaps plastic or stainless steel will be suitable. With this idea, you can choose exactly how much or how little you want to spend on home décor.