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Stylish Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas

Stylish Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas

A floor should offer both durability and aesthetic appeals. There are many options for bathroom flooring like, wooden floors, limestone floors, tile floor, marble floors, etc. Choose according to your requirements and the overall bathroom designs.

Several matters come in mind, when you think of installing a bathroom floor. In bathroom flooring material that you tend to use should be durable and should easily fit into that space. Moreover, it should withstand the moisture. And all these features should come within your budget and definition of style.

Before selecting the design consider your need and preferences. Select a bathroom floor that is not slipping and can easily hold up your feet.

Whether you have a small bathroom or a big one, same styles and designs are adoptable. You need not to think much about the size and the shape of the place. Here is brief explanation of bathroom flooring designs and ideas:

Marble magic:

Marble foundation is heated to provide comfort underfoot. Its touch is quite smooth and warm. Apart this,it also serves your bathroom floor a stylish and gorgeous look.

It is also easy to clean, use lemon and vinegar to clean it. It demands a higher level of care and maintenance, as it easily catches scratches. But its look is quite rich.

Marvelous limestone:

With many ranges, it also comes in many designs and styles. It lends a natural look. It maintains the warmth atmosphere in the bathroom. It also keeps the space light and bright.

In winter, it stays cool. To make it hot or comfortable, place a stylish rug. This is a budget friendly designing of floor. 

Stylish tiles:

Tiles are all time favorite bathroom flooring material. Selection of tiles should be according to the wall paint. And if you wish to build tiles on the walls, well, you can. This is also in fashion.

With many types of tiles, ceramic tiles can achieve a rich texture and solid feeling. It is also waterproof and looks good on any bathroom type.

The wooden style:

The wood flooring is highly resistant to change in temperature, so you can safely install in half bath. In full bathroom, choose a solid or water resistant wood. Where there is more moisture and humidity opt for popular species such as oak, maple, etc.


This is a horrible idea for bathroom flooring. Bathroom holds up moisture and humidity, and carpet is not choice for that, as it cannot absorb moisture. If you still desire to spread a carpet, seek expert advice.

Laminate floors:

For easy maintenance and longevity, install laminate floor. It is also quite affordable. It delivers the dramatic beauty to your bathroom. It is a better choice than the hardwood flooring.