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White Bathroom Vanity – A Choice of Class

White Bathroom Vanity – A Choice of Class

White bathroom vanity with a black countertop is an elegant choice for your bathroom. It is always right to throw some black with white in an environment. You must consider the option of adding some accentuating details with your vanity to bring some glamour in your bathroom. The best place to start is with the wall above the vanity. Get two decorative lights and fix them at the both sides of the mirror. Choose nice and small light fixtures.

Your white vanity looks simple and plain without any details. Check in the choices available, pick one vanity that has beautiful handles or knobs on its drawers and little doors. If you can find them in golden hue, that would be fantastic. Otherwise silver would do. If your old vanity is of pure wood and in perfect condition today, paint it white and replace its handles with a new choice. Lovely colorful crystal fixed handles can be a top accentuating selection.

For big families single white bathroom vanity does not suffice. If your bathroom style allows you, get a double bowl vanity and it offers more functionality. With large mirrors you make your vanity look classy so if you have choice to choose a larger mirror, go for that. Mirror reflects your features in clear manner with some background which helps you check the perfection of your face-do and hair-do.  So, always pick a larger mirror for your bathroom for dressing up more properly and knowing your hair style and facial details more accurately.