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Door curtains swags

Door curtains swags

Curtain swags are important because they always add an element of class and beauty to your door; moreover, there are many styles that you can choose from but the most significant aspect is to ensure that you hang them properly.

The installation procedure is very simple and within a jiffy you will be able to transform the simple door curtains look into a sophisticated one.

Before hanging your curtain, you have to determine the swag that suits and describes your home décor; you can therefore opt for the fishtail swag, the scarf style or the classic swag. The classic swag is very common because they mesh perfectly well in full size door curtains and they are also easy to install. They are also elegant and they will make your house look glamorous.

The type of rod is important because it will help highlight the swag that you settle for. In addition, the rod will always be visible after the installation, therefore it is important to select something that compliments the look that you have selected. You have to ensure that you know the exact length of the door because any swag relies on the size and length of the door.

How to hang your curtain swag

First, you have to install the appropriate rod on the wall just above the door and you have to ensure that they are firmly attached to prevent the curtain swag from falling off once in place. Choose a curtain swag that interests you and then fold your curtain accordingly. Take your time to make something elegant and beautiful.