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Office design ideas for small office  ideas that matters

Office design ideas for small office  ideas that matters

Offices around the world are being redesigned because “Design Matters”. Gone are the days     when the offices used to have dull and drab designs. The employers have realized the impact of creative and inspiring office designs on their employees’ performance. Creative and inspiring works paces do not need to be located at special places- all they need is a unique and creative design. Here are some unique and creative office design ideas that would stir up the work environment.

  1. All work and no play makes employees lazy

Absence of some fun element, even at work spaces makes the daily routine dull and boring. Having separate areas for recreation in the office is one of the most tested ideas. Google Inc is the best example to prove the impact of such office design.

  1. Redesign Meeting Rooms

A board room is a place of serious business. But too much seriousness ends up as stress in the minds of the workers. Redesigning board rooms into an informal outlook would promote a friendly and happy environment to work in.

  1. Let’s not climb, lets just Slide

The best way to introduce fun element is to replace the stairs with slides. It will not only make the employees active, but would alleviate the laziness of the employees to move within the organization.

  1. Wooden Look

Wooden look is an evergreen look. It’s one of the best office design concept. An office with a wooden touch gives a unique and elegant look to the work space. You could put the company’s name in bold and stylish golden colored look and place it against the wood paneled wall.

A unique and creative workplace tends to make the surroundings energetic and happy and resulting in increased production overall. Redesigning your workplace with such office design ideas will surely give a much needed makeover to your office.