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Some ideas for wood shelves design

Some ideas for wood shelves design

Shelves are the basic key of the furniture. There are many verities of material for shelves available in the market. It can be made of plastic, DIY shelves, metal, as well as wood. Many shelves are used in a house. Shelves for kitchen cabinets, wall shelves, book shelves, some decorative shelves etc are the well-known examples of basic shelves that needs in a house.

If you are going to make a shelf, firstly think about the use of it as well as a load which the shelf will carry. If you need heavy shelf think about the thickness, width and length of wood that used in this shelf.

When making a wood shelf, firstly you should concern about the use. If you are going to make a shelf for light ornaments in your living room, you should think about the color and design rather than the strength of wood. If you used it for heavy ornaments such as books or home appliances, firstly think about the strength of the wood.

Here we are presenting some types of wood for making wood shelves:

  • Pine: This wood quality is very popular in the market due to its adorable nature. It can be easily painted and stain. Although pine is strong in strength but you should not use it for put some heavy materials.
  • Plywood: This wood is ideal in the market for its strength and inexpensive compared to other types of woods. This wood is available in different grades which determine the smoothness and appearance.