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Best easy patio design ideas

Best easy patio design ideas

The Patio is a Spanish word that means a courtyard or forecourt. It’s a paved outdoor space adjoining a residence that is generally utilized for recreation and dining purposes. They are a perfect extension of a residence, especially during long evenings or plentiful social gatherings.It is one of the best way to delight your guests. A patio has dual uses. Where on one hand it acts as a functional place for you to enjoy, on the other hand it serves as an aesthetic place to spend time. Let us have a look at some amazing patio designs.

  1. Choose a perfect place to gather

The best way to get started is by choosing a perfect spot to gather. Create plenty of space in your backyard for your friends and family to gather around. It could be a shady tree, poolside, fire pit etc..

  1. Use Trees for Lighting

Usually trees are of no use at night because there is never sufficient light near them that attracts attention. You could light them up or use hanging lights and hang them with their branches.

  1. Matching patterns are the key

They key to a perfect patio design is the pattern. Use a simple pattern that puts everything together. If you are using some furniture then make sure you use designs and colors that are identical and complement the whole look.

  1. Grab a lot of shade with canopy or an umbrella

Large umbrella or  a gazebo canopy can be used to cover the patio area. The extra benefit of such an element is that are very eye catching.