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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas Made

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas Made Simple

If you have  a small bathroom , you don’t have to  panic over it. If designed well you can make the best use of the space available.The vanity is typically the only piece of furniture in a small bath room, so it should make a big impact in the space. Furniture-style vanities have been popular for a while and  is still going strong.

There are many  versions available or you can make your own with basic woodworking skills and an old buffet or dresser. The right small bathroom design can create space for you and make it look bigger.One more option is to get towel bars below the sink, this way you get space to keep the towels instead of hanging it on back of the door.

If you have windows in  your bathroom never block the natural light as this will give you natural light. You can separate the bathing space by a plain glass. Don’t hesitate to go for a big mirror, as this is the most important entity apart from the vanity.

You can get small bathroom designs in many magazines and in home decor blogs or books. You can in fact make your own small bathroom designs and experiment with your taste. Just do keep in mind the bathroom must be clean and dry as out of all your health matters the most. You can also try bold colors if you have access to natural lights, or else I personally prefer lighter shades.