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Pinch Pleat Drapes

Pinch Pleat Drapes

The summers are getting hotter and hotter and the sufficient amount of insulation is getting shorter and shorter with closed windows and cut down trees. Pleated drapes are the fashions of the day at houses that are largely looking protect their interiors from hot radiation. These highly appealing majestic drapes accented with uniform pleats are spaced at uniform intervals to control the fullness of the pleated drapes.

Easy to Hang:

These Drapes are usually easy to hang up on the top of the windows either using the traverse rod or the big hitting nails that carry the pleats beautifully with perfect even spacing that allows for proper ventilation of air, light and easy to wash and dust the waste from it. They give a crisp and neat appearance and when perfect pleats with matching wall color are selected they look the best in the nights with light fixtures for it. They are easy to use and handle and can be used at homes, parlors and other places where you want the rooms to look attractive.

Making of Pleats:

These pleats are usually made either in cotton, linen or solid silk. The custom pleats are usually are fully lined with cotton lining so as to block out most of the radiations that generally enter into the rooms. These pleats are usually made in different countries with different styles according to their tradition and attractive features that is usually welcomed in other foreign countries. The blackout curtains are the ideal ones for the summer that allows only partial sunlight inside keeping the rooms generally cool.