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Wood Shelf for Easy and Quick Storage

Wood Shelf for Easy and Quick Storage

Your sun glasses, mobile phone, car keys, wallet etc needs a place where you put them quick and for a short time while you busily do something. A wood shelf comes handy at these moments. In the living room, hallway, or even balcony can be fixed with a few wood shelves in a chic style to enable you to place your little accessories for some time. You can have a traditional time piece, little vase of flowers, a beautiful stature, a bronze ornate or any other décor item displayed on the shelves to keep them a complimenting addition in any place.

A wood shelf in the bathroom is a great facility and décor idea. You can place a number of items on the shelf in the bathroom. According to your storage needs, make it big or small. Creating different designs with the wood shelf is easy as you have dozens of ideas in the shelf formation. Look at the images below to get many ideas of shelves.

Wood shelf can be made easy and pretty quick with little material. You can buy some wood planks and get ideas form websites, images below and your own creative imagination.  For keeping the shelves practical and accommodating, choose the width of wood planks wider than what you need. To make them slip proof, nail a border or an edge in front of the shelves with some innovative idea. Paint your shelves with light and adorable paint shades; painting the shelves saves them from getting old and worn out in a short period of time.