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Dollhouse Bookcase Ideas

Dollhouse Bookcase Ideas

A dollhouse is a wooden masterpiece that is usually designed for use by kids in storing their fairy tale books and some of the kid stuff they often collect. It is a useful masterpiece considering that your kids may not be tall enough to access some of their stuff stored away in racks high up or on floating shelves. You too need to consider making your kid(s) a dollhouse as a DIY project or buy a ready made dollhouse. A dollhouse bookcase in particular can be very beneficial and below are just some ideas you can borrow.

Corner Dollhouse

Corners in your kids’ room are often left bare and one great way to make a corner useful is to have a dollhouse bookcase. There are standalone dollhouses that also act as bookshelves that you may consider investing in. Your kids will not only be able to store their fairy tale books with ease; they will also have a place to store their other kid stuff including stuffed animals.

Floor Dollhouse

You may need to consider having a floor dollhouse in case you do not buy into the idea of having a corner dollhouse. This is simply because the design of a corner differs from that of a floor dollhouse. A classic and colorful floor dollhouse bookcase will not only spruce up your kids’ room; it will always be a welcoming feature in the room, allowing your kids to spend most of their time in their room.

Your kids no doubt need storage space right in their room and it pays to have a dollhouse bookcase to make it possible to store their books and other stuff with ease. You only need to consider size, design and finishing to have one for your kids.