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How to Choose Toddler Beds

How to Choose Toddler Beds

Choosing toddler beds needs safety care higher than your concerns about fashion and style. Though, a child is of a bit old age until he is ready to transfer from his crib to a new bed of his own but still you need to choose his bed with great care. The possibility is still high that he rolls over at night and falls down the bed. That is why the first feature of toddler beds is built-in rails or high sides. And despite of having built-in rails, choose a bed low and close to the ground so that in case your toddler falls off the bed while playing, she does not get hurt badly.

Keep the headboard towards the wall and not the side of the bed so that your little child does not get trapped between the side of her bed and the wall. Though, the chances of this are little but with extra active babies you need to be more careful. While counting all the care tips at the time of choosing your toddler’s bed and placing it in her room, remember that you do not put it very close or under the window. Windows allow direct cold into the room which is not good for your kid in winter and sleeping very close to an open window is not safe for a kid.

Choose heavy and wood frame toddler beds because they stay intact in their place and in case your child jumps and plays on his bed, no joints get loose or bed moves from his place.