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Types of metal bookcases you must have

Types of metal bookcases you must have

To all the bookworms out there I am sure you dream of owning a library but that is impossible because of the apartment being small. You are tired of misplacing your books, leaving them out piled up on the tables and that just looks bad, doesn’t it. Here are few metal bookcases that you should own and will fit in your apartment making it look even more beautiful.
1) Restored Barrister
The vertical bookcase has3 compartments enough to fit in your books and it’s not very spacious also, it will take up a little space at the corner of your home. You have to pull the door down and set the books vertically and at the top, you can display decors also. Thesekinds of metal bookcases will give a vintage feeling.

2) Barritt
The bookcase is made out of metal and wood. The bookcase gives a very antique and classy look. Nutmeg wood and metal go well with each other that make it look extremely stylish and bright up the apartment.

3) Monarch Modern Chrome
It is another type of Barritt bookcase but instead the whole body is of metal and no sign of wood around it. It has an abstract deign to it. So, it fits well for both displays and books to show off.

4) Orion Bookcase
The Orion bookcase is small and allows you to fit the bookcase in your apartment without occupying much space in your home and giving a modern look to it.