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Transform your kitchen into a retro  kitchen!

Transform your kitchen into a retro kitchen!

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house because not only is it a place where food, the most important thing on this planet, is made but it also is the place where everybody usually gathers together for breakfast or just to catch up. It is basically the nerve center of a house. So while deciding on a style for one’s kitchen, one needs to put in great thought in deciding the tiles, the kitchen top, the shelves and finally, the appliances.

Retro style is always in. Having an inspired retro kitchen will add character to your home. A retro kitchen can be made by mixing modern minimal styles or by adding classic elements. One can also give one’s kitchen a retro style by messing around with the kind of tiles that go on your kitchen floor. Retro styles can add a joyful look to the kitchen and make the room happier.

In order to transform your regular kitchen into a retro kitchen, one needs to be open to experimentation with colors. Pink, blue and green scream out retro because pink is a color of raw emotion. Blue on the other hand represents spirituality and healing and green is the color of nature which means peace. One can throw these complimentary colors together in wild combinations and get the retro look. Furthermore, table cloths and curtains can also be brightly patterned to drive the retro style home. One can also invest in a couple of retro styled appliances to complete the look.