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Best custom garage storage solutions  ideas

Best custom garage storage solutions  ideas

Since our garages aren’t usually visible, most of us don’t pay proper attention to them. Often used for storage for a variety of items, our garages are usually cluttered. Rarely are the stored items are properly arranged. It is also difficult to manage those items because there is variety of items including electronic, old electronics, books and old furniture. This article explores new ways of garage storage ideas which would make them more easily manageable and organized.

The first thing to do is to make a list of the items you plan on storing in your garage. This way, you would know exactly the type and number of shelves and cases you will need. Make separate lists of different types of things i.e. tools, old furniture, car parts etc. This would give you an idea of all the different types of things you will be storing and reduce chances of misplacing anything.

Secondly, count the number of shelves you will need. Then think about the type of material of shelves that would be appropriate. Wooden shelves would be more appropriate for lighter items like old possessions while steel cases can be used to store tools and electronic items.

Thirdly, arrange the shelves and cases in a way that make the garage spacious. You can choose to put a partition between the storage area and the area where you park your car. This would limit the clutter of the stored items. You can attach the shelves to the walls; this would add more room in the garage for storage.

Hopefully, these garage storage ideas would help you de-clutter and rearrange your garages.