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Tips on Selecting Striking Curtain Poles

Tips on Selecting Striking Curtain Poles

Curtain poles not only play functional role in your room but also act as a part of your interior décor. They boost the décor of your room to attractive levels in a unique way. Poles are more preferable than tracks because apart from holding your curtains in place, they also offer a wide range of headings of curtains including the eyelet and the tab top for a chic look. They also give you the option of a pencil pleat to match your traditional design preference.

Curtain poles should be selected with a contrast in mind. When making your choices, them of them as eyeliners. They are in position to give your room a frame and depth but not commanding all the attention. Here are a few highlights to help you get through with selection.

Consider size

Different people have different perceptions of the width of the rods. Some prefer the slim poles while others think the fat rods are better. If you prefer the thin poles, you shouldn’t go for those thinner than one inch.

Color of the poles

When thinking of the color of rod, just take a look at your dark furniture present in the room. The curtain pole should blend with the color of your furniture. If you have furniture painted in bright conspicuous color, consider poles that are rather light in color but matches the furniture color. A good blend would be white. If you have grey tones and light fixtures in the room, you may opt for brushed stainless poles.


On materials, there is the option of wood and metal. The problem with wooden curtain poles is that they need occasional turning so that they do not bow. If you don’t have the time for such a task, the think of metal poles. Stainless poles look chic and sophisticated while the wooden ones are good for a classic and rustic interior décor.