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Guide to Fitting Bathroom Panels

Guide to Fitting Bathroom Panels

Little details matter a lot in the bathroom and the time when you decide to undertake renovation gives you a good opportunity to perfect such details. One detail you need to work on is what material to use on walls. Unlike most homeowners who always think of tiles, you need to consider having waterproof bathroom panels instead. Things are fast changing and it is appropriate that you change too. Use of panels in the bathroom is now the trend because they are not only functional but attractive as well.

Panel Types

Different brands of waterproof panels are available including Wetwall, Aquamura, Aquabord and Minerelle among others. These are brands are specifically made for installation in bathrooms including in the shower. They are also available in different sizes to suit size of different bathrooms.

The good thing with waterproof bathroom panels is the fact that they can be installed to cover existing tiles. They are naturally warm and therefore easy to clean since the warmth goes a long way in reducing condensation. You have the option of choosing plain or patterned panels.

Fitting Waterproof Panels

Waterproof panels are sold complete with sealants for installation. You can easily install them as a DIY project or seek services of a professional.

The rule of thumb is to leave the panels in the bathroom for several hours before embarking on installation. This is to allow the panels to adjust to bathroom conditions, which helps in preventing their movement once installed.

The walls on which the panels are to be installed need to be clean and dry. You need to sand any paint on the walls in order to allow the sealant to hold perfectly well. It is always a good idea to buy slightly larger panels that you can easily cut to be in line with your bathroom walls.