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Tips in buying a bumper pool table

Tips in buying a bumper pool table

Having a bumper pool table at home can add to your home entertainment and make it possible for you and your family to play the popular pocket billiard game right at home. It can also serve as a great party entertainment element when hosting parties at home. You can even hone your pool playing skills and beat most of your friend in the pub. A bumper poll table is smaller than the regulation pool table, and will thus fit nicely in your home. Consider the following when buying the pool table.

Pool Table Size

The size should suit your home well, not too large and not too small. You can go by the recommended regulation table size or check that your room, where you will be using the bumper pool table, is large enough to accommodate not just the pool table, but also the players.

Pool Table Slate

In considering the slate look out that its thickness meets the required standards. Pick the slate that is mostly used for competitions, as this will give you more accuracy. The slate can come in other substitutes, but pay attention that the accuracy you get conforms to the game’s standards.

Pool Table Accessories

When buying the pool table, ensure that you also get the accessories that go with the table. The most basic include the cues, bridge stick, billiard balls, pool ball racks and other accessories. Apart from these, consider also the bumper pool table’s legs, frame as well as its installation.