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The science of selecting bedside tables

The science of selecting bedside tables

The bedside tables provide lot of functionality. They also look visually pleasing and balances the decor in the room. The style of the bed side tables enhances the looks of the room. They provide storage space and also act as a base for table lamps. The choice of bedside tables should depend upon careful consideration of design rules.

Functionality – When choosing the bedside tables you should keep in mind its functionality. The amount of storage space required along with space in the room should be taken into consideration. The size of the bedside table depends on the room size and also on the size of the lamp you want to place on it. If you have the habit of reading books before going to sleep, you may need space to keep the book on the table. You also should need sufficient space to keep a water bottle, medicines or electronic devices. Hence, you should always keep in mind the purpose for which bedside tables are needed to make a proper selection.

Visual appeal – Apart from functionality the bedside table offers, you should consider the visual appeal it provides. If it doesn’t blend with the decor of the room, it may stand out and spoil the entire decor of the room. You should make sure you want square tables or round tables depending on the furniture. Colours should be carefully chosen to reflect the colours of the room. The material should blend with the other furniture. You have to decide whether you want glass, wood or plastic tables. It should be sturdy and offer visual appeal to the room.


The two important elements function and visual appeal should not be compromised while selecting the bedside tables.