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Tips for single pendant lights for  kitchen island

Tips for single pendant lights for  kitchen island

Pendant lights have become very popular and the need of the day in the sense of designing modern house in living spaces. They can be installed everywhere like living room, dining room and kitchens etc. the pendant lights are of various forms and add more to the dramatic touch of the respective room.

Pendant lights in the kitchen are also an amazing idea. They can be fixed over the kitchen islands especially, and enhance the beauty of the kitchen island decors.  The recommended height for fixing the pendant lights over the kitchen tables or islands can range from 27 to 32 inches. It also depends on the personal reference and height of the ceiling.

The kitchen pendant lights are sometimes hung for the purpose of adding some interest and colors to the kitchen. They are usually fixed in the middle of the kitchen above the kitchen islands. If the kitchen pendants are three or more in number, or of different colors, then that can be even more beautiful. Moreover, it adds brightness to the room and let you focus on your work. Another pendant light can be hung over the sink.

The kitchen pendant light does not necessarily have to be a pending one. Sometimes it is given the shape of a pendant light. They are only effectively fixed with appropriate length and weight having more focused light then the rest. If the pendants are combined with the crown molding in the kitchen, then they enhance the ceiling even more.