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Choosing Lamp Shade for a Soothing
Bedroom Mood

Choosing Lamp Shade for a Soothing Bedroom Mood

Since the bedroom doesn’t require more ambient light as the living room or kitchen, a lamp with a lamp shade and a dimmer helps create a soothing and relaxing cool light.

The shade does not only account for creating a perfect mood for relaxation but also forms an essential part of your interior bedroom décor. Here are a few tips to getting the soothing mood from your lamps by selecting the best shade.

Change your lamp shades regularly

Most lamps usually look splendid with different shades in place, so why keep buying the same old shade again and again? Do not buy a lamp shade that looks exactly the same as the one being replaced. Make your room lively and rejuvenated with new styles of shades every time you make a purchase.

Choose the right shape

The shape of the lamp shade usually follows the contour of the lamp. This is not a rule, but in most cases it’s what happens. For instance, if your lamp base is curved, select shade that is also curved. If the base is straight, go for a shade that has straight edges. For bottom heavy lamps, choose cone shaped shades to make the lamp appear lighter.

Consider the details

If you have a contemporary décor, choose fluted shades. As for a casual and homey décor choose pleat shades. A scallop edged shade implies a gracious, more relaxed mood. This is a perfect choice for bedrooms.  Last but not least, a bell shaped shade is more versatile and can fit in a wide range of decors. The colors should match your room’s décor color theme.