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Splendid purple bedroom ideas that you
will love

Splendid purple bedroom ideas that you will love

Purple is the color, which represents royalty and imperialism. If you use purple color for your bedroom then effectively you will produce a fascinating and enchanting bedroom, which is full of style. Purple color has different hues and tints, so you need to make sure beforehand, which one you like. we have enlisted some purple bedroom ideas, which are too good to resist.

Different Bedroom

This idea of purple bedroom is more suited for the master bedroom in your house. It has a little bit of purple color speckled on every wall of this bedroom. One wall has a design of purple colored flowers while another one has a single solid stripe of purple. To enhance the beauty even the bed used in this bedroom has purple tinge.


This bedroom has chocolate brown hangings with purple walls and looks quite elegant. The bed used in this bedroom is of solid wood featuring dark brown color. It also has a simple yet gentle looking night reading lamps on each side of the bed. This is no doubt one of the best purple bedrooms that we can design for our use.

Kids Room

Purple color can very well be used in the kids’ bedroom, but you need to take care that the shade of purple used in the kids’ room should be bright. This bedroom has white color on three walls and purple color on one wall. The bed sheet is also of light purple color with dark purple pillows. To add a little bit of extra style, a heart shaped purple colored painting is done on the ceiling to do if one of the best purple bedroom ideas.