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Patio ideas: Painting an outdoor concrete  patio

Patio ideas: Painting an outdoor concrete patio

It is possible to make an outdoor patio using concrete but special attention is required in order to come up with something that looks glamorous. Therefore you can make your outdoor patio look glamorous by painting it but proper precautions have to be taken to prevent ruining its look. These patio ideas will help you come up with something wonderful.

  • Determine the moisture content of the concrete on the patio

You have to ensure that paint will adhere to the type of concrete on the patio; remember that too much moisture on the concrete patio is not recommended.

  • Clearing the surface

Remove any furniture, pots, plants, decorations and toys so that you can clean the patio surface without any difficulties. Pull out any grass, vines, roots or moss that has grown onto the surface of the patio. You can comfortably do this using a pressure washer or bare hands. Clean the cracks in the concrete surface and then repair them by getting rid of the cracks using fine sand papers or relevant fillers. Allow the filled up cracks dry before thoroughly cleaning the whole patio.

  • Select the relevant paints

You are advised to select concrete paints that contain water proof features and sealants; you can also opt for either water based, oil or latex paints designed for patios or masonry paints with epoxies and blinders. Choose the relevant color and you can base your choice on the exterior décor of your home.

  • Painting the concrete patio

Apply the primer and allow it to dry, start by painting around the patio edges, then select a starting point and apply your first coat evenly and allow it to dry. Apply the necessary coats and allow the paint to dry completely. With these patio ideas, you will be able to make an interesting piece.