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Why should you go to a Queen size bed?

Why should you go to a Queen size bed?

Queen beds are the most popular bed size. In a survey, it was found that queen size bed accounted for close to 32% of the mattress market, followed closely by twin beds. Full size beds and king size beds trailed behind in sales. Queen size beds are approximately 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

Queen size bed is generally put in smaller master bedrooms or guest rooms.

The frame for a queen size bed is generally needed to have a center leg rest besides the normal square structure. With a queen bed, the space available for two people is 35″ each which is way more than sufficient for daily comfort.It is better suited for a couple or for someone who is tall.

The primary benefits of a queen size bed

  • It saves space- The dimensions of queen size bed are such that it saves space in petite master bedrooms, which allows more space for additional furniture. Queen size beds also make a perfect setting in guest rooms because they provide lots of room for one person and ample room for a couple.
  • It is easy to flip or move around- A queen size mattress is relatively easier to flip and maneuver whenever you feel like refurbishing and revamping your room, especially in cases when bedroom space is limited.
  • It is less Expensive- Queen size beds being relatively smaller than a king size bed, hence the cost of the mattress and bedding is cheaper.