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Decorate Your House with Cinder Block

Decorate Your House with Cinder Block Bench

Are you getting bore with your old fashioned decoration of the house? You can spruce up the home and its surrounding or your garden with cinder block. Cinder blocks are best for beautiful home decoration and the best part of it when you give shape to these cider blocks into bench. You can décor your Patio, Lawn and Garden with cinder block benches.

Indoor and Outdoor Benches

Sometimes the season becomes so tempting that people like to spend few minutes in outside atmosphere. For the outside enjoyment the cinder block benches are perfect for sitting purposes. You can make this cinder block bench by yourself. Sometimes the house has patio on the backside of it but don’t have any seating arrangement. You can make cinder block benches which is simple in form but elegant in design. You can bear the cost of it as these block benches are suitable to your pocket. You can have colorful benches matching with the surroundings. You can put some cushions over the benches so that it becomes cozy to seat. Similarly you can arrange the cinder block benches for the inside decoration of the house. These cinder benches are not only for beautification of the house but they are useful for the home purpose.

Cinder Benches made by you

You can make these cinder block benches by yourself. You just start it with the bench posts or legs. Block post is used by 3 blocks. One block post you have to keep in horizontal shape over the top of 2 vertical forms. Then you keep the wooden plank on the top of the holes of the cinder blocks. Now to make it secure you have to pour some liquid nails over it and what you will find that your benches become surprisingly tight. Now you put the whole structure on the sunrays to make secure the molding becomes dry of the bottom. You should not wiggle the wooden plank too much.

Paint Your Benches

When your cinder block benches become dry you can paint with different hues. Keep some soft cushions on the benches. These are totally depends on your taste and options. These are pure ly creativity of a person. I one way it is creation at the same time you can fulfill your needs of furniture in the gardens and in your house. After finishing all these decoration then comes the time for the benches’ placement in the garden or in the required place. That is the most tiring part of this project. First you have to level the ground for the placing of the benches and once you place it in the right place then you can over all your trouble and get free from hurdles and you can enjoy the life with these cinder block benches.