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Create a luxurious look in your room with
Southwestern Rugs

Create a luxurious look in your room with Southwestern Rugs

Rugs are essential of every corner of the house along with it adds a charm in the room with the unique effects created by them. There are various styles and types of rugs available in every corner of the world which are inspired by some or other culture. One of such rugs which will give you a feel of the ancient American era is Southwestern Rug. The unique look of the rug was originated from the American weaving which makes them popular and in demand .They are rustic in looks with great western appeal.

Southwestern rugs have a great history and background  as it started as  blanket not as a rug which can be worn around the shoulders too. Today these rugs are a combination of Spanish and Americans creativity which result in colorful and attractive rugs. You will find scared figures on the rugs which are woven into amazing patterns which is a result of great handwork and craftsmanship.

These rugs are unique and can even take a year for a rug to be completed .It reflects the tradition and rich heritage of the people involved in the creation of such unique rugs. Selection of rug usually depends on the decor of the room , so if you are looking for western settings to get the rustic and ancient look , these rugs are perfect. Southwestern rugs are favorite of buyers due to varied colors and patterns it offers.

These rugs require high maintenance and care to attain the look due to the complex texture and design of it. While buying a rig you need to keep few points in your mind such as that rug should have a slipping pad which extends the life span of the rug. Treat the rug regularly to get rid of any bug or beetles, which can damage it. While using it, take care of not spilling anything over your rug as sometimes it can lead to permanent staining which damage the looks of the rug.

If you want to clean the rug at home, then try to use Vacuuming instead of brushing or send it to any professional cleaning center .Keep your rug away from moisture and plants to use it for years.

These rugs are available in different types such as :

  • Southwestern handmade Area Rugs
  • Southwestern Spirit Rugs
  • Modern Rugs
  • Timberlake Rugs
  • Mexican Guadalupe Rugs
  • Oaxaca Mexico Rugs
  • Mohair Rugs
  • Navajo Rugs

You can buy these rugs from renowned furnishing houses of the country or can even check various online sellers store. You will get huge range and variety of designs while buying from an online store. Compare the colors and price on the various websites and choose the one which suits your room interior the best.