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Opt for a french country vintage
bedroom  furniture

Opt for a french country vintage bedroom  furniture

Vintage style though old, it has been charming since forever. With so many of style and options available, it is in fact difficult that one would not think about a vintage bedroom idea. We give you some suggestions how you can style your vintage bedroom by combining the new as well the old world of style.

Zero in on a time period

The first thing one needs to do is select a particular time period so that one can devise the theme and color scheme accordingly. One needs to set color themes so that one can shop for their vintage bedroom décor accordingly. Do blend your bedroom’s theme with the type of wallpapers and furniture you are planning for your room. One can get oriental carpets get that vintage appeal from the bedroom. Also, one can also go for larger furniture so as to get that vintage look.

Go for different designs

One can recycle, reuse, and repurpose their old furniture so as to get a vintage look out of them. These styles will give you the rusty, vintage look for your bedroom. One can also update their wooden furniture with complementary colors, wallpapers or fabrics. In fact go for vintage design drawers, knobs and hinges for your vintage bedroom.

Room Décor

One can decorate the walls for their bedrooms with old frames, sepia-tone pictures, shapely mirrors or old portraits. One can also get tiffany lamps, antique chairs and tables or chandeliers to get that for the vintage bedroom you want.