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Excellent tips for interior design styles

Excellent tips for interior design styles

Designers don’t follow any secret rulebook; they are just spontaneous and creative. There are no hard and fast tips to make you an interior design styles expert. What basically you need to do is just imagine a lot, be creative, explore, dream and follow your intuition. Apart from this, there are certain principles that you need to keep in mind to get great results every time. Here in this article we have outlined certain steps that you need to keep in mind while doing interior design. Have a look.

When to pick the paint color?

Well, it could be a silly question, but what we suggest is that pick the paint color in the last. Generally, when people arrive in their new home, then they tend to decide upon the paint color first, which is kind of undesirable. Once you have decided upon the stuffs that will fill the room, then is the right time to choose the paint color.

Do not overcrowd

It’s a general tendency to fill up your rooms with lots of fancy stuff. Actually the better policy could be to use fewer items in the room and leave some breathing space. And it’s even better if you are tight on the budget since you will save money and have great interior design styles as well.

Put artwork at correct height

If you have ever visited any art gallery then you must have noticed that the paintings that they put on the wall are at a certain predefined height. That height is 57 to 60 inches from the floor. The reason is that the average human eye is at around 57 inches from the floor, so you should also follow the same procedure.