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Is a thick wool rug right for your home?

Is a thick wool rug right for your home?

What’s So Special about a Wool Rug? A wool rug is a round or rectangular shaped decoration that goes on your floor, adding color or style and acting as a barrier between dirty feet and a clean carpet. It can be placed in a hallway, living room, dining room, and bedroom or anywhere you want it.

Wool rugs are usually machined washable, and at the very least easy to hand wash, which means it’s much easier to keep them clean than a carpet. For this reason they are usually used in hallways or near front doors, where people may forget to take off their shoes.

How Does It Affect Style? A wool rug is available in more colors and patterns than you can think of, and you can buy one in a style that suits your room. If you want something old-fashioned and traditional, a rag-tag rug made up of many different fabrics might be suitable. Plain rugs for example red or white might suit a clean, modern styled room, while a floral themed rug fits in well anywhere so long as you want it to be the centre of attention. If you want to put your wool rug on a laminated wooden floor, then any style is suitable, but you might want to go for something rectangular or square.

In Summary: A wool rug is a practical, stylish addition to any home (easy to keep clean and available in many designs)-and it doesn’t have to be too costly.