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How to pick bathroom faucet finishes?

How to pick bathroom faucet finishes?

The finish of a bathroom faucet is as important as the design of the faucet. There are a plethora of choices when it comes to the finish which includes chrome, nickel, bronze, brass and many more. These are available in dark and light varieties. You can even have the option to choose from brushed or polished versions of the bathroom faucets. To ensure that you pick the right tone to match your bathroom, you can consider following the tips mentioned in the subsequent paragraphs.

The biggest trend that is doing round is the application of old-world finishes to the faucet shapes that are modern. You can consider making use of more than one finish in the same bath. Contrast and dimension can be added with multiple finishes. For pulling the look, it is vital to establish a harmony between the design and the finish. Champagne bronze and brushed nickel finish look really great. Neutral finishes such as stainless, nickel and chrome go well with anything. These can be easily matched with accessories such as door pulls and towel holders. Neutral finishes also offer a subtly sophisticated look. The most popular and affordable bath finish is the shiny chrome. A warmer tone is offered by Nickel.

Brushed metals make it easy to hide bad things. You should certainly opt for a brushed finish if you like things to be neat. The muted surface clearly masks the water spots and fingerprints. Moreover, these aren’t reflective like polished finishes.