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Purpose of having living room extra
  long  curtains

Purpose of having living room extra long  curtains

Most of the curtains come in a standard size, but sometimes there is a situation when you are in need of a curtain in extra-long size. If your shower is tall than the normal size or you want to keep your bathroom dry then it is important to consider an extra-large curtain for your bathroom. And if you are concerned regarding your safety then your bathroom curtains must extend in completely down to floor. Extra-long curtains will help you in keeping water in shower and not spreading it on the floor of the bathroom that make dangerous while walking.

Another purpose for picking up an extra-long curtain is quite functional. There are few showers that are on height and standard sized curtains are not suitable for it. Thus, at the time extra-long curtains are needed, as such types of showers are not common, but exist in some older buildings or at homes.

Two main purpose of having extra-long curtains are keeping the bathroom floor dry as well as functional benefits. Measuring the shower length before buying will save your time in long run.

Today, thing has changed in bathroom, as new homes are made with the high ceilings. This will make the height of the shower higher and the standard shower curtains will not be going to fit in the high ceiling. And for such reason you have to consider the curtains with large size. Benefit of the extra-long curtain is it will keep your bathroom area dry as well as provide an elegant look.