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Get the Message of Hope from Your Anchor
Bathroom Décor

Get the Message of Hope from Your Anchor Bathroom Décor

Anchor resembles robustness. It is the sign of stability, motivation and positivity. In a personal pace of your home like bathroom, anchor has a ton of meaning to convey. That is the reason why there are so many different objects that are fixed in the bathroom that are shaped like anchor or they bear the image of anchors.  Even the décor idea reflect anchor and create deep effects.  Anchor symbolizes hope and fresh start. But why does bathrooms are especially decorated with this symbol? The explanations vary. Many people say that looking at anchor early in the morning when you settle in the bath tub and relax in soft bubbling water, gives you hope in the day ahead of you. You begin your day with refreshed mood and hopeful mind; while the other opinion is a bit different. It maintains that anchor is linked to water and sea. Therefore, the best place to decorate with this symbol is your bathroom.

Anchor Symbol Accessories

You can feel that anchor inspires you to live and have hope in the future. It reminds you of ships sailing in the dangerous waters but with the robust means of anchor they survive and accomplish their missions. Memory of all the sea voyages including the famous Sindbad’s fantastic adventures thrills you at the sight of an anchor. Your hand wash bottle, tooth brush holder, towel hook, and wall décor bearing the image of an anchor keep on refreshing your feelings and enthusiasm early in the morning while you get in style for a long day’s work. It looks lovely on your towel, bathroom curtain and wall collage. You can get wonderful anchor symbols embroidered on fabric or pained from the bathroom décor and accessories suppliers and accentuate your bathroom with them.

Anchor Décor Ideas

You can have ample objects for your bathroom with anchor symbol. To heighten your bathroom environment with anchors of different colors, styles and textures go creative. Find a real anchor (not an image) made of wood or metal and hang it above the door or above the mirror where you can frequently have a look of it. Wall hangings with colorful patterns and images of anchors can blow in your bathroom environment a new spirit. Many other things that are linked to an anchor like a ship, a whale, wavy sea image and colors like sea blue or sandy grey can be used for decorating the walls and other items. Keep the anchor looking prominent and making a bold statement so that when you look at it you get the clear message of hope and fresh start in an instant. Your bath rob also can bear a lovely big image of anchor to wrap you in hope.