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A fun filled and cool simple kids
  room  design for boys

A fun filled and cool simple kids room  design for boys

Boys in teens are more inclined to sports, fun and action movies related life which later become motivation moving forward. Bright room with sporty wall sticker are the first idea we can thing when we think of a teen boy, but apart from this, there are many bright boys room idea how we can try to keep them cheerful.

Boy’s room ideas may include:

Creative Bunker bed: Though it is meant to be used by 2 people, boys generally are moody and with this option can choose sleeping pad based on the mood. Bunker beds are stylish, colorful and can be innovative. The stairs to upper deck could have books closet and lower deck can be removed and replaced with sofa.

Room wall as Imaginative black board: Generally boys like to mimic activities or lesson learnt in school at home while during their practice or home work. What better and imaginative idea to change a dull wall into a black board like reusable wall paper. Not only the child would it is special but his friends would like this idea too.

Working desk: Ideally these desks should be placed in front of a window with enough sunlight. Foldable and extendable desk top can create excessive space for activities for our child and his combine studies friends as well.

Decorative wall paper: Wall papers with favorite sports personality or favorite car or any machine would always comfort child while under stress or while he is looking up for any inspiration while under pressure or facing any competition. These could probably be one of the best boys room ideas.