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Choosing the right best paint colors
for  small bathroom

Choosing the right best paint colors for  small bathroom

Getting the right bathroom paint colors is not that hard. You need to first put into consideration the kind of mood you would like your bathroom to reflect. You should then check the color of your bathroom flooring, bathtub and toilet to decide which colors will best work with the fixtures already present in your bathroom.

CHECK THE EFFECT OF LIGHTING ON THE COLOR: The bathroom paint colors you choose will greatly be affected by artificial light. To get the best idea on which colors will work right, try having paint cards on the bathroom first before painting all the walls. Check how both natural and artificial light affect the colors that you’ve chosen, to get an idea of how the bathroom will look like.

AVOID MIXING AND MATCHING TOO MUCH: Sometimes mixing and matching can work, but too much of it is a bad idea. The most ideal number of colors in any home décor is three. These three should of course have one neutral base mixed with two other colors that complement it. To add more life to your bathroom, go for fixtures or decorations which will not have the same color but that will add variety to the whole décor theme of your bathroom.

CONSIDER WHAT YOU WANT YOUR BATHROOM TO REFELECT: This will depend on if you want the room to have an energetic, cool, calm or serene environment. This will thus determine which colors you will end up picking for your bathroom walls. Remember that the color of your bathroom walls will definitely have an impact on your mood, so go for the right colors that will reflect the right mood you want to be in when using your bathroom.